The Torchbearers Worldwide Ministry is a small multi-faceted Christian Organisation started from Ghana (West Africa) in 1989 committed to reaching our depraved world through diverse ventures.
Our operational activities are captioned Departments with a clear distinct leadership structure accountable to our Executive Committee and external governmental agencies.

For example in Ghana we are registered both as a Non-Governmental Organisation and Religious Group. As an NGO we are regulated by the Auditors General Department and have to renew our membership annually.

In the United Kingdom we are registered as a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and also a Not-for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee and are by law required to file our annual returns with the Company House and the Inland Revenue.


As a holistic entity all our departments seek to reach a specific component of the total man.


We are trying to make disciples of nations as mandated by our Lord as Saviour Jesus Christ through soul winning and church planting.


Through this initiative a hand of help is extended to our immediate environment in real, tangible and practical ways, serving our neighbours with no strings attached and without discrimination to religion, race and gender.

Main Areas of Operation include:
  • Assisting the poor and needy
  • A voice for the magnetized and voiceless
  • Fresh start for less privileged children and late starters
  • Making friends with elderly etc.


The action here is to assist the needy, famine-stricken and war torn villages in providing:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Vocational training


As a starting point, a small village in the Afram Plains District in Ghana, W/Africa has been adopted for various developmental projects. The Ntonaboma Village has a population of about 7,000 with almost half of the people being children. There are other villages surrounding Ntonaboma but totally separated by the Volta Lake and its tributaries.

Historically, these people were displaced, marginalized and neglected by the then CPP Government who confiscated their farm lands for the creation of the Akosombo Dam and damped them in this remote area without compensation.

Peculiar Problems:

  1. There are no motor able roads and basic transport infrastructure is non-existent.
  2. Because of poor or virtually non-existing drainage system, most areas are breeding grounds for insects that transmit diseases, e.g. malaria, river blindness, sleeping sickness, etc.
  3. The whole island has no health centre. The nearest centre is about 40 miles across the Volta Region or 20 miles by land to the district centre
  4. They lack good drinking water, electricity, decent toilets, shops, markets and entertainment etc.


  1. Educational and Vocational Training Centres.
  2. Hospital and Mobile Clinics.
  3. Cooperative farm produce carting and buying assistance.
  4. Food processing unit.
All our efforts to help and alleviate poverty and eradicate ignorance in this region have been through the sacrificial donations from our small congregation in London the United Kingdom. The project is currently halted because of lack of funds. Our prime focus is to continue, finish and move to another village in the district.